Look Good, Feel Amazing, And Take Your Confidence Back

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Get Ready to Slay Your Day... Everyday!

Do you feel like you don't know the person you see in the mirror anymore - especially without your makeup on?

We want to help you change that!

Free Up Your Time

Stop having to wake up earlier in the morning to rush to apply makeup that can look unnatural, messy and often uneven.

Start & Stay Confident

Look your best self all day every day! Stop worrying  about makeup disasters during outdoor activities or in hot weather.

Comfortable & Relaxing

We are extremely knowledgeable.  You don't have to worry about painful treatments - we know how to keep you comfortable.

Best in Town for Permanent Makeup

Marina is the best in O-Town when it comes to permanent makeup. You will be thankful you found her and lucky to have the best for this very important decision. You will admire your easy to maintain fresh look... every day. Really though, call her. Do not look further!

Laura Lee

I believe that permanent makeup should, enhance your natural beauty and confidence. You should feel great and look great without spending forever getting ready every morning.


Available Services and Treatments

Nano Brows

Get longer-lasting, realistic, results in half the healing time using machine hair strokes instead of microblading.

Ombré Powder Brow

Get a natural look with a soft powder shading using a cosmetic tattoo machine and single nanoneedle.

Combo Brow

Machine hairstrokes combined with soft shading give you the perfect natural blend.

Foxy Eyeliner

This is the softest smudged eyeliner that gives you a combination of natural enhancement & foxy look.

Eyelash Enhancement

A lash enhancement is a thin line that sits at the root of your lashes and gives the illusion of fuller lashes.

Lush Lips

Look like you're wearing lipstick even when you're not with a fantastic pain-free, gentle technique.

Lip Blush

Give your lips more contour and a natural look with a transparent lip tint that looks amazing.

Scar Camouflage

A light application of skin-toned pigment reduces the appearance of scarring.


If you're not sure what to expect or what will look good on you, book your consultation today.

Book an appointment today and let's plan your permanent makeup journey.

Our approach

We focus on:




Your face impacts your life in so many ways — from your confidence to your schedule. You need to love who you see in the mirror without having to spend hours each day on your makeup. Let us help you take control.

What to Expect

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Step 1.

Book Your Appointment

You can choose from any of our available services. If you're not sure what you need, then book a consultation.

Step 2.

Meet with Our Estheticians

Our trained and experienced professionals will work with you to create the best permanent makeup design for your face.

Step 3.

Love Your Reflection

You will feel confident in your skin and enjoy the person you see in the mirror each day after your makeup is applied.

I've Received So Many Compliments on My Eyebrows - From Everyone!

I was referred to Marina through a mutual friend, and I’m so grateful I was. I can’t tell you how much not having to do my makeup every day has made such a difference in the way I feel about myself especially when I first wake up. Those mornings of looking washed out are gone. Also my get ready time is also now much faster which in this crazy paced world is everything .

I’ve received so many compliments on my eyebrows, and I mean from everyone. ( guys, girls, younger, older). The wonderful response I’ve received is a testament to her artistry. I don’t think anyone picked up on that I had eyeliner done. What they did say was I looked like I had been on vacation. That’s the Best compliment ever, and being that I was nervous that it would not look natural since I’m a guy was totally alleviated ...I love it !! 

Marina is also as nice as she is talented. Her location is in Orlando’s beautiful historic Park Avenue where there are so many things to do within walking distance before or after your visit especially with this beautiful fall weather that’s finally here ... the office is small which keeps it intimate and assures there are no interruptions. She plays super cool chill music to relax you and takes the time to carefully numb you so the discomfort is at an absolute minimum.

There was really no pain at all honestly just a sensation and my own nerves lol. This is one of the BEST times I’ve ever spent money on myself and it was well worth every penny ... if you’ve been thinking about doing this for years as I was, and you’re looking to give yourself a Holiday treat , well this is the gift that will keep on giving.....literally Every day of the year!! ....

I can’t believe how many hours of my life I spent trying to use makeup to get my eyebrows to look good. Now they always look Perfect, and she does a touch up a month later to make sure that they do and that you are happy 😃 So, Without hesitation, I give Marina and her talents my highest recommendation. 5 stars all the way. Thanks Marina.

Eric Wenstrom