Let Us Take Good Care of You With Our Exclusive Packages

You deserve to feel and look great. We want to help make that happen for you.

Healthy Skin is Happy Skin

Relax and let us help you improve your skin and your confidence.

Professional Chemical Peels

Encourage your skin to renew itself faster so you can slow down the signs of aging.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Services

Tame those unruly brows and lashes today and get the look you want.

Corrective Skin Treatments

Treat imperfections in your skin and fall in love with your reflection all over again.

Permanent Makeup

It's time to wake up looking fabulous and stop hiding from spontaneous photo moments.

Face and Neck Electrolysis

Remove even the most stubborn face and neck hair — even if it's already turning gray.

Professional Waxing

No more shaving or plucking unwanted hair for two to three weeks or more.

Facials and Skincare Treatments

It's time to fall in love with your reflection. Our professional estheticians work with you to create a skincare plan that works for you.

My Skin Looks Fabulous!

I have been Marina’s client for 5 years. I am 68 years old & my skin looks fabulous! Marina customizes a skincare regimen resulting in healthy, glowing skin. She researches products and tells me exactly why she is recommending them to me. I use all of her skincare products and they are the best I’ve ever used.

Marina is a professional who always stays updated to the latest techniques and procedures. Above all, she is a caring, considerate, person who I trust. My 2 beautiful daughter-in-laws (both in their 30’s) are Marina’s clients also.

Schedule with Bloom Esthetic Studio. You will be so happy that you did that for yourself.

Hollie Wayne

We believe in using only the highest-quality products and tools to give you the best possible results. That's why we carry and use the best professional-grade products.

Josie and Marina

Our Packages

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I Would Not Trust Anyone Else With My Skin

Josie has been taking care of my skin for over a year now. She is the best of the best. She definitely knows how to work her magic. I was recommended to her by my dermatologist, I was suffering from acne and scars on my face. Josie took her time to explain the different products and procedures with me. On this day I can say I'm acne and scar free. I would not trust anyone else with my skin.

Evelin Melo

Our approach

We focus on:




Your skin impacts your life in so many ways — from your confidence to your schedule. You need to love who you see in the mirror each day without having to spend hours each day on your makeup, shaving, and more. Let us help you take control of your look.

Quiet, Peaceful Studio to Pamper Yourself

Bloom is a quiet, peaceful studio I highly recommend to pamper yourself. Marina is absolutely wonderful! She listens to your desires and offers suggestions she sees best for each customer. You will leave glowing and feeling refreshed! Bloom is perfect for all ages!

Amy Connolly

What to Expect

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Step 1.

Book Your Appointment

You can choose from any of our available services. If you're not sure what you need, then book a consultation.

Step 2.

Meet with Our Estheticians

Our trained and experienced professionals will work with you to choose the best chemical peel for your face.

Step 3.

Love Your Reflection

You will feel confident in your skin and enjoy the person you see in the mirror each day after your face is refreshed.

Best in Town for Permanent Makeup

Marina is the best in O-Town when it comes to permanent makeup. You will be thankful you found her and lucky to have the best for this very important decision. You will admire your easy to maintain fresh look... every day. Really though, call her. Do not look further!

Laura Lee