Professional-Applied Chemical Peels

Encourage your skin to renew itself faster and let's correct your specific skin concerns.

Get Smoother Skin FAST

Are you always in a rush with no time for yourself - but you're tired of your face looking so tired and dull?

We want to help you change that!

Reduce Acne Spots

You can have clearer skin, reduce dark spots, and enjoy a more even skin tone.

Have Brighter Skin

You can encourage your skin to renew and refresh itself, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Comfortable & Relaxing

You don't have to worry about painful treatments - we know how to keep you comfortable.

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Healed My Skin With Literally Zero Scars

Josie is amazing! I have struggled with hormonal acne for over 10 years and just 6 months with her my skin has healed with literally zero scars! Her knowledge on skin care is unparalleled and I am super grateful 🙏 

S Hatten

We believe in using only the highest-quality products and tools to give you the best possible results. That's why we carry and use the best VI Peels and other professional-grade products.

Josie and Marina

Our approach

We focus on:




Your face impacts your life in so many ways — from your confidence to your schedule. You need to love who you see in the mirror without having to spend hours each day on your makeup. Let us help you take control.

What to Expect

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Step 1.

Book Your Appointment

You can choose from any of our available services. If you're not sure what you need, then book a consultation.

Step 2.

Meet with Our Estheticians

Our trained and experienced professionals will work with you to choose the best chemical peel for your face.

Step 3.

Love Your Reflection

You will feel confident in your skin and enjoy the person you see in the mirror each day after your face is refreshed.

Available Services and Treatments

10% TCA Peel

This is a beautiful treatment for evening skin tone, reducing acne, and retexturing the skin.

20% Lactic Peel

This is a great milk-based product for hydrating, exfoliating, and renewing the skin gently.

30% Glycolic Peel

This is a great treatment for mild to moderate acne that exfoliates and minimizes pore size.

BioRePeel Face/Body

An innovative, Italian, two-phase peel that reduces aging and acne scaring with little to no downtime.

30% Mandelic

Great for people with rosacea, sensitive skin, or light discoloration, even for 1st time clients.

20% Salicyclic

This is a fantastic peel for people that are prone to acne breakouts, have skin imperfections, or dullness.

45% Lactic with HQ

This is a great hydrating peel for sensitive skin that can repair photodamage and brighten your skin.

Circadia Mandeliclear

This is a deeper peel that is designed to treat pigmentation issues with darker skin tones.


If you're not sure what to expect or what will look good on you, book your consultation today.

VI Peels

Get Glowing and Keep Glowing™ with a VI Peel! The #1 Chemical Peel for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, nurses, and estheticians worldwide is designed to target pigmentation, acne, and aging via a painless, effective treatment only available through authorized clinicians. Your esthetician will assess your goals and choose the right one from VI Peels’s six unique chemical peel formulas.

Book an appointment today and let's plan your permanent makeup journey.

I Would Not Trust Anyone Else With My Skin

Josie has been taking care of my skin for over a year now. She is the best of the best. She definitely knows how to work her magic. I was recommended to her by my dermatologist, I was suffering from acne and scars on my face. Josie took her time to explain the different products and procedures with me. On this day I can say I'm acne and scar free. I would not trust anyone else with my skin.

Evelin Melo