Professional Facials and Korean Skincare Treatments

It's time to fall in love with your reflection. Our professional estheticians work with you to create a skincare plan that works for you.

Unlock Your Skin’s Natural Glow with Our Expert Guidance

In today's world, skin health is essential for confidence and well-being. Our expert guidance and personalized treatments unlock your skin's true potential, enhancing your beauty and revealing a natural glow.

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No More Acne or Spots

You can feel confident in your skin without fighting blemishes, breakouts, and discolored spots.

Reduce Signs of Aging

You can relax while we help slow down the clock on wrinkles and age spots.

Comfortable & Relaxing

You don't have to worry about painful treatments - we know how to keep you comfortable.

I Would Not Trust Anyone Else With My Skin

Josie has been taking care of my skin for over a year now. She is the best of the best. She definitely knows how to work her magic. I was recommended to her by my dermatologist, I was suffering from acne and scars on my face. Josie took her time to explain the different products and procedures with me. On this day I can say I'm acne and scar free. I would not trust anyone else with my skin.

Evelin Melo

We believe in using only the highest-quality products and tools to give you the best possible results. That's why we carry and use the best, professional-grade Korean beauty products.

Josie and Marina

Available Services and Treatments


30-minute in-person or virtual skincare consultations to get the advice you need on your schedule.

Standard Clinical Facial

60-minute facial formulated specifically for your skin type to give you the best results.

Advanced Clinical Facial

60 or 90-minute advanced facial with extras designed to give even better results.

Purifying Deep Pore Facial

75-minute facial treatment designed to help with acne and clogged pores using extraction and treatment.

Dermaplane Brightening Facial

60-minute facial designed to brighten your skin and remove peach fuzz hair from your face.

Korean S-Amino Treatment

90-minute full facial treatment that uses Spider Amino Acids to reduce aging and rosacea.

Back/Body Facial

60-minute treatment to treat acne and normalize the skin all over your body in your trouble spots.

Korean Oxygen Facial

75 to 90-minute Korean Oxygenceuticals Facials that make your skin more firm and hydrated.

Aqua Skin Resurfacing

75-minute treatment treats texture, discoloration, dull skin, and clogged pores.

Korean Ultra V-Lift

90-minute treatment tightens and contours the face, while delivering collagen-stimulating peptides for a revitalized look.

VX-7 Purifying Treatment

90-minute advanced peeling system detoxifies, lightens, and instantly revitalizes skin, promoting cell renewal, collagen, and improved texture.

HOP+ Non Injectable Filler Facial

A non-injectable facial filler that reduces wrinkles, fills hollow areas, and promotes wrinkle care. 90-mins.

Smoothing Microdermabrasion Facial

60-minute facial designed to treat light scarring, stretch marks, age spots, and sun damage.

Book an appointment today and treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating experience with our professional estheticians.

Quality Product Lines We Use

About Our Skincare Lines

For skincare enthusiasts who love the magic of Korean skincare (K-beauty), achieving youthful skin is more than just having great skin – it’s about having skin that’s radiant, plump, and reminiscent of your youthful days. As we grow older, our skin can lose its vitality, leading to concerns like sagging, dullness, pigmentation, and yes, wrinkles.

Storyderm, Isov, SMTS and KRX are exceptional clinical dermatological skincare brands from Korea, and they’re exclusively available to licensed professionals. These brands have taken the beauty world by storm, thanks to their unique ingredients like spicules (liquid microneedles), stem cells, PDRN, and crystallized hyaluronic acid spears, which act as a special delivery system for a patented botulinum toxin hybrid protein. These products are also enriched with amino acids, snail mucin, vitamins, peptides, fermented probiotics, and powerful hydrators, all working together to slow down the signs of aging and maintain youthful skin.

These ingredients are just the tip of the iceberg in these skincare lines, which not only shine in professional treatment rooms but also offer effective home care products that create a perfect partnership between estheticians and clients.

The Evolution of K Beauty

Korea has a reputation for pioneering skincare ingredients, but at its essence, their skincare approach has always embraced holistic principles, often drawing from timeless customs like fermentation.

The Korean culture deeply interweaves Beauty and Skincare into its fabric.

Around 2011, K-Beauty made an impactful entrance into the US market, captivating Western audiences with its charming packaging, unconventional branding, and cutting-edge treatments.

Korea maintains its leadership in the beauty industry today, exerting influence and guiding a more holistic approach to skin care. It reminds us that self-care rituals create not only skin harmony but also enrich our lives.

  • Heritage - A beauty culture that innovatively preserves tradition
  • Purpose - Formulas that serve as the cornerstone of broader well-being practices.
  • Philosophy - While embracing innovation, Korean skincare remains rooted in tradition. It leverages natural ingredients with centuries of history to safeguard and nurture the skin barrier, recognizing that this barrier serves as our primary defense and should be a priority in facial treatments.

Quiet, Peaceful Studio to Pamper Yourself

Bloom is a quiet, peaceful studio I highly recommend to pamper yourself. Marina is absolutely wonderful! She listens to your desires and offers suggestions she sees best for each customer. You will leave glowing and feeling refreshed! Bloom is perfect for all ages!

Amy Connolly